I have a daughter. She’s recently turned 6. She has me wrapped around her little finger… She knows that the best way she can manipulate me to giving her some screen time is by saying the words “Papi, can I do some coding?” (coding meaning advancing in levels on Code.org)

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She also benefits from some amazing role models of classy, stylish, feminine women with a strong head and great careers between my mother and her own mother. At home we often talk about what she wants to be when she grows up and how she can be whatever she wants to be… When a boy at her nursery told her a few years ago that she couldn’t be a scientist because she was a girl (WTF?!) I went out and bought her a full kids lab set, lab coat, goggles… the works!

And so, the other night as my wife asked for a glass of champagne (yes, on a school night, why not! Apparently it’s good for you) we literally had this conversation:

Mom: “Can I have a glass of champagne?”

Daughter: “When can I try some champagne?”

Mom: “When you’re older. Don’t worry, we will have fun, drinking champagne and wearing heels”

Daughter: “Yes! I can wear heels and do coding while I drink champagne!”

Yes, my dearest daughter, you CAN indeed wear heels, drink champagne and do some coding… Actually, you know what, you can do and be whatever you want to be!


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