I Don’t Know, but I Plan to be Part of the Solution

Yesterday an astonishing 72% of the U.K. population exercised their civic duty and voted on the question of whether the we should remain a part of the European Union. As the world now knows, a majority (slim but a majority) stated that the UK should no longer be a part of the EU.

Having gained my British citizenship 2 years ago and truly, logically, passionately believing that the UK would be better off inside the EU, I made my opinion known publicly and voted for us to remain.

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As the results were made public today I’ve received a lot of questions about what it means for the UK, what it means for the Tech ecosystem and what it means for me and my family.

And the answer is “I don’t know!” We are in uncharted waters. How the UK unwinds from the EU is not clear. What it means for EU citizens inside the UK today is not clear. It needs to happen within 2 years, but other than that how long the repercussions will be felt is still not known.

I am sad. Sad because I really believed that we were stronger IN. Sad because the rhetoric of the campaign turned from a question about the EU to one about immigration and the amazing collage of diversity that is Great Britain. Sad because a young mother and MP died because of her political views.

And yet with a grieving heart, I also have to respect the democratic process and accept that Brexit is what the majority has chosen.

I don’t know how this will impact the UK, our society, the tech ecosystem or appetite for VC in Europe. I DO know that while I don’t know the impact I DO plan to be a part of the solution in what little ways I can.

Seeking to continue to back ambitious entrepreneurs in UK and Europe. Planning to continue sharing my views on policy issues that matter to me. Hoping to continue to be multicultural member of London’s amazing diversity and hoping to make this place I have now called “home” for 10 years a place that I will feel proud for my children to inherit.

Let’s all agree that the votes have been cast, the political process now starts and that we all now play a role in rebuilding our nation across the schism that this referendum has opened.

Partner at @2150-vc backing technologies that make our world more resilient and sustainable. Salvadoran-born Londoner. YGL of the @wef Father ^3

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