The cacophony of thoughts in a VCs head

Just landed back in London from Berlin after having just recently landed from a trip to New York. Days of meetings lead to quiet time on flights which lead to a constant stream of thoughts. In the 3.5 years since I became a VC I’ve loved the diversity the role provides from learning and sharing with other investors, selling your vision to your own LPs, engaging with founders around their pitches, and trying as hard as you can to be of value to your portfolio CEOs.

This leads to a lot of thoughts circling around… a cacophony of thoughts which currently is going something like this:

  • [X founder] continues to impress me. The way he managed the Board and used data to lead us to a new strategy was masterful. I’m so glad he hired that CFO.
  • Haven’t heard from [Y founder] in a while. No news is never good news. Does that mean his new monetization feature isn’t going as planned?
  • Reminder to self to reach out to [Z LP] to update them on progress. He was skeptical of our investment in [ABC] and will be blown away by their progress.
  • Argh! Haven’t gotten back to the company that pitched me two weeks ago. Great vision and solid team but he needs a few more months of longitudinal traction to merit the size of round he’s looking for
  • Still mulling through this new investment opportunity. Should I do it? Should I not? What’s missing? What data will get me over the line in either direction? His vision IS going to happen but is it too soon?
  • So looking forward to seeing [Founder A]. She’s awesome. One to track for sure.
  • REALLY enjoyed that chat with [VC X]. Impressive insights and very much aligned on vision on where world is going. Would love to sit across the table from him on a Board and geek out together
  • The round for [Z or whatever it was…lost track of letters] is beginning to come together. Not sure how sharp the new VCs elbows will be. Need to ensure to defend our position. Man, should have gone for more % on the last round!
  • Kids play! Can’t forget kids play! And parent-teacher conference… Did I put it in calendar? Did I?
  • Monthly catch-up with [company Pi] tomorrow. Keen to hear how the pilot went with that client. It would be a huge milestone if he pulls it off. He’s so awesome.
  • New website. Ugh. I’m holding it up… we need the new images from the companies and the text for our areas of interest. Must.Find.The.Time.
  • I really should write a quick blog post on all those things running through my mind…
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… and on and on and on. A constant stream, constant questions but most importantly continued constant excitement.

Three and a half years in I’m loving this VC gig and the associated cacophony!

Partner at @2150-vc backing technologies that make our world more resilient and sustainable. Salvadoran-born Londoner. YGL of the @wef Father ^3

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