US vs European VC Partner word clouds

The following is neither scientific, introspective or anything else other than a way to pass time while on hold with customer service…

Methodology: I randomly selected 22 Partners from US VC firms and 20 Partners from European VC firms (mostly 2 per firm). I cut and paste their bios into a document and I used to generate the following:

US VC Partner Wordcloud (22 Partners)

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European VC Partner WordCloud (20 Partners)

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The only comment I will make on this exercise is about the company names that pop up in the word cloud from bios. Google and Twitter are visible in the US (as where the Partners worked before rather than as investments they made) and in Europe, Yahoo! is visible right around where Paris would be…. Oh yeah and «acquired» seems to be much bigger in the US!

Take these for what they’re worth… now back to hold music…

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Geeky tech-guy backing same. Previously co-founder of @whitestarvc exec roles @facebook @google @microsoft. Salvadoran-born Londoner. YGL of the @wef Father ^3

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